Sweet memories

Go for a walk down memory lane and enjoy those wonderful games like Chopfliter, Sapiens, Bob winner and many more !

Works on all major platforms

Fullscreen mode: Any machine can be a Thomson

Fully joystick-controllable

feature img
feature img

Works on the original Xbox

Fully legal port using nxdk. Turn on your TV and enjoy a good ol' 5th axe session: Will you get all anachrons back before dinner ?

Auto save-state: Stop playing and resume later.

Need a keyboard? Right-thumb click to make it appear


On computers, the keyboard is mapped in a way that pressing a key on it will make the emulated Thomson write the symbol written on your keyboard. This mapping is done in configuration file (sdl-keymap.ini when using SDL2) that comes with Teo-ng. At the moment, French keyboards (azerty) are supported (feel free to contribute any other)

Joysticks are supported: The first detected joystick/gamepad will be mapped to the Thomson's first joystick. If you don't have a joystick, Teo-ng can emulate one for you using the keyboard. Just toggle Numlock after starting Teo-ng and you'll get in joystick-mode: Host (computer) keypad directions will be mapped to the virtual TO8 joystick #1 directions and right ctrl will act as Fire

Feature Xbox Computer keyboard
Emulator features
Show/hide emulator menu Start Escape
Navigate emulator menu DPad Up and down Arrow keys and/or mouse
Select emulator menu item A Return or left click
Take screenshot Y F11
TO8 Joystick
Joystick 1 directions DPad Keypad (with joystick mode enabled)
Joystick 1 Button A(Main fire) A Rightctrl(with joystick mode enabled)
Joystick 1 Button B(second button) B n/a
Using the virtual keyboard (SDL2 only)
Show virtual kyboard Right-Thumbstick-Press n/a
Move virtual key selector (red square) DPad n/a
Press selected virtual key A n/a
TO8 Mouse
Move TO8 mouse/lightpen Right-Thumbstick Mouse
Click TO8 mouse/lightpen A Mouse left button
TO8 Keyboard
Type text Use the virtual keyboard Press matching key on the computer keyboard

Teo-ng Download

OS X / macOS

Native app in a dmg bundle. Just move it to Applications.

Original Xbox

Like any other homebrew, unzip and copy over to your Xbox.

MS - Windows

A self-contained directory without any installation needed. Want to install it ? Here you are.


Yes, it does run on DOS. Just grab and unzip to C:\.


Build me from sources. Running Gentoo? Here is an ebuild. Packages for other distros welcome

Fork me on Github

All contributions welcome! Just do a pull request when you are ready. Or submit a patch.

Get involved

All contributions welcome! Reach us through:

Github for issues, bugs, etc.

patches@teo-ng.com to send patches over email

contact@teo-ng.com for any other inquiery

Support development

Everything you see has a cost: Domain name, web hosting, etc. Please help keeping the lights on with a small donation. Any amount, as low as $1 is greatly appreciated!